Protecting the Environment is everyone’s duty

Nordanic A/S acknowledges and accepts that regard for the environment is important. We want to contribute to protecting nature and the environment so that the community can develop on a sustainable basis with respect for people’s living conditions and for protection of animal and plant life. As a responsible company, Nordanic A/S will continuously improve its efforts for the external environment by:

Minimising resource usage, including energy for heating, transport, power consumption, water consumption, substances and materials

Disposing of waste products in a responsible manner and promote recycling

Aiming for a good dialogue with the authorities and visitors on environmental impacts

Encouraging suppliers to provide environmentally sound products and services

Communicating openly, both internally and externally about our environmental responsibilities

Instructing members of staff to act in accordance with this policy.

Committing ourselves to complying with current environmental legislation.

Management is responsible for compliance with the environmental policy